1017 W Washington

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Contract Value: $2,000,000

Project Timeframe: 2005

Summary of Work


Restoration services on the facade included complete dismantlement and rebuilding of masonry parapet wall; replacement of an ornate sheet metal cornice; lintel repairs; sealant repairs; brick replacement; concrete repairs and tuckpointing.

Project Highlight/Challenge

The existing masonry parapet to be rebuilt involved a very ornate pattern of corbeled brick which MARK 1 had to duplicate. In addition, weight restrictions on the existing roof required MARK 1 to successfully engineer ways to utilize the roof and still complete work in a timely manner.

Contact Information

Klein and Hoffman, Inc.
Mr. Frank Gonzalez
(312) 251-1900

1021 Maryland Avenue Dolton, IL 60419

(708) 849-8246