Cook County Building

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Contract Value: $16,000,000

Project Timeframe: 2005-2007

Summary of Work


The County Building is part of a 12 story structure that encompasses an entire city block. MARK 1 completed the $16 million contract in two years. Repairs included cleaning of exterior façade; tuckpointing; masonry repairs to terra cotta, granite, and brick; replacement of shelf angles; and fire escape repairs. In addition, over 800 wood windows were restored to their original condition and over 200 metal windows replaced.

Project Highlight/Challenge

MARK 1 had to work in every office of this occupied building to complete the scope of work and did so with no disruption to the owners daily work schedule.

Contact Information

Soodan & Associates 
Mr. Michael Baker
(312) 553-0003

1021 Maryland Avenue Dolton, IL 60419

(708) 849-8246