Nebraska State Capitol


Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Contract Value: $50,000,000

Project Timeframe: 1998 - 2010

Summary of Work

Historical restoration of this prestigious limestone structure. Repairs included on the project involve the Capitol tower, the surrounding base, each of the four entrances, each of the four courtyards, and replacement of the copper roof. The work involved removal and replacement of large limestone pieces, shelf angle repairs, tuckpointing, dutchmen repairs, caulking, and cleaning of the facade.

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Project Highlight/Challenge

The remarkable “team approach” undertaken by the owner, architects, and contractor was the key to this highly successful project. All parties have worked together in a spirit of cooperation to always do what was best for the building.


Contact Information

Bahr, Vermeer & Haecker
Mr. Jim Handeland
Mr. Denny Klawonn 
Office: (402) 475-4551

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates
Mr. Steve Kelley
Mr. Tim Crowe
Mr. Jason Aspin
Office: (312) 372-0555

Nebraska State Capitol
Office of the Capitol Commission
Mr. Bob Ripley
Office: (402) 471-0419

1021 Maryland Avenue Dolton, IL 60419

(708) 849-8246