Reliance Building

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Contract Value: $3,000,000

Project Timeframe: 1995-1996

Summary of Work


The work on this historical landmark included chemical cleaning, terra cotta and brick tuckpointing, removal and replacement of terra cotta, terra cotta patching, lintel repair and replacement, and brick rebuilding.

Project Highlight/Challenge

The chemical cleaning of the terra cotta proved to be extremely challenging given the high traffic around this building and the amount of dirt that existed on the facade after so many years. MARK 1 successfully performed all work without incident and the result was an award winning restoration project.

Contact Information

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. 
Mr. Steven Kelley
(312) 372-0555

Harboe Architects
Mr. Gunny Harboe
(312) 977-0333

1021 Maryland Avenue Dolton, IL 60419

(708) 849-8246